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Why It Is Important to Play With Your Child and the Best Ways to Do It

Children need time to play without adult involvement, but it is equally important for them to play with parents. Playing with parents is a necessary component for kids’ successful development. Child Development Institute ( emphasizes that in families with more than one child, even if the whole family plays together on the regular basis it is still necessary for parents to play with each child one-on-one.

Importance and benefits of playing with your child

In playing with their kids, parents are building a connection and relationship that will last for years to come.  Playing with your child is an effective way to show them love and appreciation and, therefore, to build up their self-esteem.  While playing with their kids, parents have a good opportunity to teach them various skills and virtues, and to help them become better communicators. Playing with their child gives the parent a valuable insight about his or her child’s nature and character; it helps the parent to get into their child’s world and understand their youngster better. When kids play with parents and see that their interests and opinions are taken seriously, it helps establish trust. So, when the need arrives, it is easier for kids to share their problems and concerns with parents.  And for parents, playing with their kids can help release stress after work.

How parents can get involved in kids’ play and how Eggs Time can help

As an overall suggestion, the Institute advises parents to allow their child to choose a theme for play, be silly, ask questions, play along, and have fun. For more ideas, the Institute provides these options:

Play together with puppets or dolls: Role play is a good opportunity to ask questions, start conversations, explore your child’s world, and teach him or her various skills and virtues. Eggs Time has developed several collections of surprise toys that feature action figures. You can use these action figures to role play with your child.  Find out about our action figure toys at

Play outdoors: Play ball, push your child on the swing, walk around neighborhood together.

Play games: This is an opportunity for parents to teach their children how to win and how to lose, how to take turns and be considerate to other players, how to show support and encouragement, and how to laugh together. Eggs Time has developed several video games that work perfectly for kids-parents time together. Our games prompt young players to complete tasks that require some thought but are easy enough for a child to accomplish. You can challenge your child with one of our games and create a conversation with him or her by giving hints and showing support. You can play our games at or download the game app on your device to access it at your convenience. Check out our games at or find them on iTunes, App Store, and Google Play.

Do a project together: You can try making crafts, arranging puzzles, or cooking with your child. Many Eggs Time surprise toys feature puzzle erasers that you can use as a project to complete together with your child. Our eraser toys come in various shapes and forms that separate into pieces and can be re-arranged like a puzzle. Our erasers are super soft and colorful; some are shaped as geometric figures and some are shaped as animals. You can take a closer look at our puzzle erasers at

Listen to or play music together: You can sing along with your child, compose melodies, or learn songs.

Read books: While reading with your child, start a conversation by asking questions and discussing the narrative, or even prompt him or her to change the narrative or make up a new story. For similar results, you can watch a movie or a cartoon together. Eggs Time has produced numerous animated stories that can be a fun and useful entertainment for you and your child. All our stories feature high-quality illustrations and voiceover narration. Watching and listening to our stories is a great option to consider if you are looking to spend some quality one-on-one time with your little one. Check out Eggs Time stories at or at

If these tips were of use for you, we can say just one thing: have fun and have a nice play!

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