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Spend quality time with Eggs Time

When we develop our products, we want to make sure that they will be useful for many families. The design of our products is meant to accommodate a variety of lifestyles and bring practical benefits into the lives of our customers. In this article, we want to share with you some ideas on how to use our Eggs to the best advantage.

Bring our Eggs on trips, hikes, and picnics

Many of our customers are leading active lifestyles and we love it!  This is why our Eggs are so convenient to take out to so many places! Each Egg is small enough to fit in a backpack or into a purse and comes in its own, separate packaging.

You can grab a couple of Eggs and throw them in your tote or travel bag. When your child has some time to spare during a plane flight or a train ride, use the Eggs to keep him or her busy and entertained. We all know how endless a plane flight might seem, especially for a child. Unboxing our Eggs with surprises inside will make the time fly. And because our surprise toys have developmental and educational value, your child will have an opportunity to learn while playing.

You can also use this suggestion if you plan to go on hike, on a picnic, or a road trip. The toys inside the Eggs are small and can fit into kids’ pockets, so you won’t have to worry about making space for them. Plus, to make the deal sweeter there is also a treat inside your child can snack on. These treats include gummies and creamy chocolate spreads, so they won’t spill or make a mess.

Our Eggs are great for parties and other events

The Eggs feature colorful, hard-plastic packaging and awesome surprise toys inside. This is why the Eggs are a great addition to all kinds of fun events: birthday parties, sleepovers, competitions, various celebrations, etc. Use our Eggs as party favors, gifts, or prizes. They are very easy to hand out to kids, contain both a treat and a toy inside (two in one!), provide for hours of entertainment, and work perfectly for collaborative play. Additionally, you can use the Eggs to play games like scavenger hunt or “throw and catch.”

The Eggs are perfect for school and education

You can put one or two of our Eggs into your child’s lunch box to make the lunch break more fun and exciting. The toys inside our Eggs can easily fit into pockets or pencil cases, so they won’t be a burden for kids to carry around. Plus, our surprises have educational and developmental benefits, so they are a good fit for school. If your child is struggling with a specific subject, you can try using our Eggs to inspire your kid to learn that subject. If he or she struggles with math or geometry, for example, try putting King Eggs with geometric erasers into his or her lunch box to provide for more inspiration and motivation. You can also give your kids some Eggs while you drive them to or from school to entertain them during the ride.

Use Eggs for in-home entertainment

Use our Eggs as a treat to give your kids after dinner to bring more fun into their leisure time. Our snacks are delicious yet safe and healthy for kids, so you can use our Eggs in place of a dessert to support healthier diet habits in your kids. The toys inside bring hours of entertainment and allow kids to learn and develop as they play. Our toys can also be used for collaborative play, so unboxing our Eggs can be a fun activity for the entire family.

Our products are meant to bring joy, excitement, great surprises, and fun discoveries into the lives of our customers. We hope these tips are useful for you. If you wish to learn more about the products that we offer, you can do that by following this link Stay awesome!


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