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Ways to Increase Kids’ Attention Spans

Good attention span is crucial when it comes to effective learning and completing academic tasks, so improving kids’ attention spans is one of the main goals for parents and educators when it comes to children’s cognitive development. Eggs Time is dedicated to promoting fun and effective learning experiences, so we decided to research some useful tips on how to increase attention spans in kids and to share our findings with our customers., a website dedicated to distributing high-quality information on kids’ education, recommends several effective techniques that can improve your child’s focus during studies. Below, we outline their recommendations and add some of ours.


Kids can easily concentrate on activities that they enjoy, Education Corner notes. Therefore, it is important to keep your child inspired and motivated to learn. Bringing some creativity into mundane learning activities can improve your child’s attention span. For example, instead of making them write with a pencil on a blank piece of paper, try giving them crayons and colored paper instead. You can even try using clay or wooden blocks to spell out words.

Include physical activity

Kids are full of energy, so making them sit in one place for very long periods of time is just against their nature and won’t result in greater productivity. Instead, Education Corner suggests, make time for stretch breaks in between studies or incorporate outdoor and indoor play times into your kids’ learning routine. Ten to fifteen minutes of active play before studying will help your child to stay more focused and attentive.

Practice concentration

Many of us might think that attentiveness is something that we either have or do not have in our character. In fact, focus and attention are skills that can be learned but require practice. Education Corner recommends one quick exercise for kids and parents to use: set up a timer and ask your child to focus on an object for a duration of just a couple of minutes. When the time is up, ask your child to reflect on this experience. Was he or she able to focus just on this object for the entire time? This will help your child learn what paying attention means and what it feels like.

Break tasks into parts

If your child is having difficulties staying on task, try breaking this task into smaller, more understandable parts that can be completed independently and require less time to accomplish.

Remove distractions

To learn successfully, kids need to be placed in the right environment. It is hard to compose the exact list of things that should be removed from your child’s learning space, because different kids can become amused by different things. But as a general rule it is a good idea to turn off TV screens, radios, and other sources of popular entertainment. Also, try removing all unnecessary objects, especially small ones, from your kid’s desk, even if those objects belong to their school supplies kit (a paper clip, for example, can easily turn into a distracting toy).

Turn tasks into games

Children love games; delegating a game for them to play is far more likely to get them to pay attention than assigning them a serious task. So why not present the task as a game? If your child needs to memorize a poem or some other piece of information, for example, try prompting them to recite it as fast as they can (or as slow as they can) using a timer to make it even more exciting. Now, instead of completing the boring task of memorization, your child is gladly playing a fun recital game.

Many sources also point out the importance of healthy sleep and diet when it comes to improving kids’ focus and concentration. A good number of sources also recommend using specific attention and focus games. Eggs Time offers many toys and games meant to develop kids’ attention, memory, focus, and concentration. Here are just some of them:

Eggs Time Puzzle Erasers

Puzzle erasers are surprise toys included in our King Eggs, Happy Eggs, and Lucky Eggs. The erasers come in geometric shapes (King Egg) and in animal shapes (Lucky Egg and Happy Egg). Each eraser separates into several parts and can be re-arranged into its original shape, like a puzzle. By breaking the toy into parts and then re-building it, a child exercises his or her attention, focus, and memory.

Eggs Time Paper Games

All Eggs Time Eggs include both a surprise toy and a mini paper game inside. Our paper games are meant to help kids develop cognitive skills such as focus and attention. The “Find the Differences” game that comes in MagiK Eggs, for example, prompts kids to pick out the differences between two almost identical images. This requires that kids exercise their attention, focus, and concentration.

Eggs Time Mazes (game app)

Our “Mazes” video game challenges the player to lead the character through the maze from point A to point B. In order to complete this challenge, kids who play this game must use their attention, logic, focus, and concentration.

Differences Time (game app)

The “Differences” game app shows the player two almost identical images and asks them to identify the not-so-obvious differences between the two pictures. By playing this game, children train their attention, focus, patience, and concentration.

Eggs Time Puzzles (game app)

This Eggs Time game shows kids a colorful, entertaining picture and then breaks it into puzzle pieces. The player’s task then is to re-arrange the puzzle pieces back into the beautiful picture they saw earlier. This game is a good tool for practicing attention, patience, and memory.

Eggs Time Stories

Our video stories include animation and a voiceover narration. They can be a good tool for developing attention, concentration, and memory. If you let your child listen to and watch some of our stories and then ask him or her to re-tell the story or draw some scenes from it on paper, this will help him or her practice attentive listening and concentration, as well as auditory and visual memory.

All products mentioned above are available on our website. You can access our games and stories at no charge. Games can be found at or on iTunes, App Store, and Google Play. The stories are available at or on Eggs Time YouTube channel at To check out the Eggs with surprise toys and games, go to or see our digital catalogue at

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