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Five ways your child benefit from Eggs Time

Eggs Time creates fun and entertaining Eggs and digital content for children. But besides being fun, our products come with many additional features that can benefit your child. By playing with our Eggs, games, and cartoons, kids can effectively enhance their cognitive skills, learn virtues and life lessons, develop creativity and optimism, and grow a love for learning and healthy eating.

Enhancing cognitive skills

Cognitive skills are the core tools the human brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. Working together, these skills help to convert information received by the brain into knowledge applied in life. Most of the learning problems among kids are directly related to weak cognitive skills.

All toys and games that we create are in one way or another helpful in developing cognitive skills like memory, logic, reasoning, and color and shape recognition. For example, pencil erasers developed for our King Eggs are made as geometric shapes; each eraser separates into independent pieces of different colors, like a puzzle. In order to put the eraser back into its original shape, a child must use his or her memory, logic, and focus, as well as their knowledge of colors and shapes.

Learning virtues and lessons

Eggs Time stories that come with our products promote high moral standards and teach the young viewer valuable lessons that they can apply in their everyday life. In Eggs Time video stories, available on YouTube and, the characters face problems and challenges that they have to overcome by developing or using their virtues.

For example, in the story “Dry Thin Tree” three Happy Eggs met a weak, thin tree that asked them for help. Being kind and compassionate, the Eggs watered the tree, removed the bugs from its core, and picked up dry leaves from its branches. When they saw the tree the next day, it was unrecognizable – it was strong, green, and full of apples. And in the end the grateful tree generously rewarded the Eggs with its fruits. With this adventure, the Happy Egg characters teach children how kindness and compassion not only create miracles for others but also bring great rewards in return.

Developing creativity and optimism

Our digital stories are also optimistic in nature and promote positive thinking. MagiK Egg stories and characters, in particular, focus on encouraging kids to dream big, believe in their dreams, and work hard to achieve them. Like MagiK Eggs, Happy Eggs promote positivity, good mood, and happiness. They encourage kids to discover what makes them happy and to share their happiness with others.

MagiK Eggs also encourage kids to be creative and imaginative. All surprise toys inside the MagiK Eggs are fun, unique, and original. The dinosaur, animal, car, and MagiK Egg character figures come in peculiar shapes and colors, prompting kids to ask questions and think “outside the box.”

Growing a passion for learning

Because our games, toys, and cartoons are not only educational and developmental but also entertaining and enjoyable, kids from a young age learn that useful, intellectual activities are fun and pleasurable. Since they learn and do brain exercises while playing, watching cartoons, and snacking on delicious treats that come in our eggs along with the toy surprises, children develop a positive association with education and learning. With the Eggs Time products, learning becomes enjoyable and effortless. This helps kids start an early habit of enjoying and deliberately choosing activities that develop their intelligence.

Making healthy dietary choices

The treats that come with our surprise toys present a number of health benefits for children. Happy Eggs come with Vitamin C and Lucky Eggs come with multivitamin gummies. Our gummy treats have a chewy texture and delightful fruit flavor that kids love. These fruit candies merge two things together: great taste and great nutrition. Such a combination assists children in developing a positive perception of healthy food and starting an early habit of healthy eating.

We understand that every parent wants the best for his or her child. Therefore, we concentrate our efforts on creating products with practical benefits for our young customers’ health and development. To find out more about the ways Eggs Time can benefit your family, you can refer to our digital catalog at


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