How The Four Surprise Egg Families were Born

Egg surprises have long been a favorite of children all over the world. From plastic eggs filled with candy, to candy eggs filled with surprise toys, there is something about opening up one of these eggs to find delicious and fun surprises.

Eggs Time is a company that loves to see the smiles on children’s faces when one of these special eggs is opened up. Because of this, it decided to make making its own surprise eggs. However, what Eggs Time found that while these eggs brought joy, there was something missing: a purpose beyond just candy and toys.

So, in order to fill a need, Eggs Time decided that it was important to take this long time tradition of surprise eggs and turn it into an experience that also included learning, love, connection and even nutrition. This is where the four brands were born. KING EGG, MAGIK EGG, LUCKY EGG, and HAPPY EGG each contain surprise characters inside that are connected to a story that can teach your children virtues as they play and learn each day. Eggs Time called the four brands, “Team Eggs Time.”

KING EGGS were created with the purpose of teaching children virtues like communication skills, kindness, responsibility, leadership; being humble, productive, positive, and to be unique, curious, respectful, and finally, leaders within their own communities.

These are milk chocolate, nut free treats, with 12 characters inside to choose from.

MAGIK EGGS came about in an effort to teach children that dreams can come true. Each KING EGG is milk chocolate and nut free, with each of the 12 characters representing a lesson that can be taught. However, when coupled in teams of three, the eggs/lessons are more powerful.

When collected, MAGIK EGGS will teach children teamwork, love, and kindness; self-expression and taking a creative approach to problem-solving; the power of faith; and the importance of balancing dreaming, hard work, and fun play.

LUCKY EGGS are another important part of the Eggs Time family, and contain both an animal character and multivitamin gummies inside to give your child healthy energy and countless hours of learning and play.

And much like the other characters, LUCKY EGG characters also have stories to share and lessons to teach. Each collectible animal inside teaches children how to better learn in school. For instance, Raccoon Kimba can teach kids how to stay be focused and how to pay close attention to details; Bird Tweety is a great speaker who can show kids how to use their words to learn; and Chimp, the monkey, can be a helpful companion to those curious kiddies who have a million questions on their minds.

Your child can collect all 12 eggs with characters for each brand that he or she can enjoy for years to come.

Finally, there are HAPPY EGGS. Much like LUCKY EGGS, these egg surprises also contain vitamin C. What’s better? These HAPPY EGGS were created to teach children to be happy and create happiness for others.

In the HAPPY EGGS collection are six boys and girls that each have super powers that can teach and spread joy and happiness. For instance, Merry has the ability for fly which is something that makes her happy and spread that happiness to others; Victory has a super powerful sight that allows her to see all the stars up close, which makes her happy.

Together, HAPPY EGGS can teach your children to find the things that make happy so they can better spread happiness to those around them. Have them as party favors to add extra happiness to your child’s special day.

Eggs Time is working hard to help children have friends and connections that will give them better tools to cope within the world they live in through teaching virtues, morals and life skills that will last a lifetime.

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