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Three things that make eggs time different

Egg with surprises have become a real hit in kids’ entertainment within the last couple of years. There are so many brands that produce plastic eggs with candy and surprise toys inside that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one from another. Naturally, our potential customers often ask: “What makes Eggs Time different?” And we gladly respond: “It’s our purpose and values, our digital content and the larger story that comes with it, and our concern for kids’ health and nutrition.”


Purpose and values

The most important feature that separates Eggs Time from other brands is the purpose behind our products and the values that we promote. While other brands focus mainly on fun and entertainment, our priority is kids’ health, education, and effective development. However, this doesn’t mean that we are against fun. Like other brands, we too want to bring more joy and fun into the kids’ play time, but we also want to make the fun things useful. Therefore, the main question we ask ourselves when creating our toys is: Besides being entertaining, will this toy be beneficial for the child who picks it up?

This is why all surprise toys included inside our Eggs have educational elements in them and contribute to kids’ cognitive development. For example, puzzle toys featured in the King Egg collection come in a variety of fun colorful erasers that separate into pieces – geometric shapes that can be re-arranged like puzzles. These erasers, besides providing fun, help children exercise their logic, focus, and creativity, and help them learn new colors and shapes as well.

Digital content and the larger story

Another reason why Eggs Time is not like any other egg surprise brand is that our Egg collections are a part of the larger story that we present in the form of video games and cartoons. Each Egg collection that we release represents a collection of characters, and each plastic egg features one character on its cover. These characters appear in Eggs Time’s video games and animated stories on YouTube. In this way children can follow the adventures of their favorite characters and learn from them. Just like our toys, these games and cartoons are very educational and enhance children’s development.

A puzzle game from Lucky Egg, for example, prompts a player to put together a fun and colorful picture from the given puzzle pieces, in a way that develops the player’s patience, logic, and attention. And the animated stories about Lucky Eggs feature the adventures of the twelve animals who live on Lucky Island. Besides being entertaining and captivating, these stories teach kids valuable lessons.

For example, one of the stories, “Red Pearl”, describes how Lucky characters discovered oyster shells at the bottom of the ocean, and each animal went on to grab one. Oscar, the turtle, wasn’t quick enough and ended up with the least attractive shell. At first, he was upset and didn’t even want to look inside. But when he finally opened the shell, he found a big beautiful red pearl, which amazed him and all of his friends. This story teaches kids to not “judge a book by its cover.”

Concern for health and nutrition

Finally, the third distinctive feature of the Eggs Time brand is its focus on health and nutrition. There are many surprise eggs with tasty desserts, yet our surprise treats are not only delicious but also safe and healthy. King Eggs and Magik Eggs come with nut-free chocolate treats. Lucky Eggs feature strawberry-flavored vegetarian gummies that are gelatin-free and include multivitamins. Happy Eggs also come with gelatin-free vegetarian gummy bears that are rich in Vitamin C. And the apple-flavored gummies in our Emoji Eggs are made with real apple juice and are free of fat, gluten, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors. Additionally, our toys and packaging are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and BPA-free.

In conclusion…

Because the modern world is abundant with great-quality products, Eggs Time recognizes that simply producing toys of high quality is not enough – the time has come to do something different and focus on creating toys with a deeper meaning. Therefore, we created our “Eggs Time Team”, which includes King Eggs, MagiK Eggs, Happy Eggs, Lucky Eggs, and Emoji Eggs, to be not just a variety of plastic eggs with cool surprises and treats inside, but an innovative product that features a unique mix of quality, purpose, and practical benefits.



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