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Fun Easter tips from Eggs Time

With Easter Sunday rapidly approaching, many parents are tasked with coming up with some fun and unforgettable ways to celebrate this holiday with their kids. No doubt, eggs are probably one of the most popular and recognizable attributes of Easter. Since our products are egg-shaped, it is not surprising that Easter is one of the busiest times of the year for us. We are happy and pleased that our customers choose to include Eggs Time in their Easter plans. So, we decided to take time to share some easy tips on how you can use our Eggs to make this holiday fun and memorable.

Decorate with Eggs Time

Try putting a bunch of our Eggs into a straw basket! It will be an adorable and festive Easter centerpiece for your dinner table or a decoration for your living room that your guests and family will love.

Play with Eggs Time

Try playing scavenger hunt with our Eggs! Hide some Eggs around the house and challenge your kids to find them while giving them hints and tips. A scavenger hunt is fun and has many benefits; it helps kids to improve their logic, attention to details, and problem-solving skills, as well as to practice collaboration. If you want to make it even more educational, try printing search directions on paper so that your kids can practice reading. To spice it up, add some short quizzes in which the answers lead up to the Eggs’ hiding spots.

Surprise with Eggs Time

Put some eggs under your kids’ pillows before they wake up in the morning! Such a sweet surprise is an awesome way to start the Easter day.

Use Eggs as a treat

Give the Eggs as a treat after Easter dinner! All snacks in our Eggs are healthy and are accompanied by a fun toy. It’s a great way to entertain your kids after dinner and to make sure they don’t eat too many unhealthy sweets during the holiday.

Use Eggs as party favors

Our Eggs make great party favors! They are easy to hand out to kids and have both a toy and a treat inside. Your little guests will have a blast playing with your party favors when they come home.

We offer many kinds and sizes of Eggs to choose from. They are all a joy to play with and come with healthy treats and educational surprise toys inside. Check out our King Eggs, MagiK Eggs, Happy Eggs, Lucky Eggs, and Emoji Eggs at to see which ones you want to bring to your Easter party!

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