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Tips on helping your kid to fall in love with learning

All kids are naturally curious and inquisitive. So why is it so difficult sometimes to make them learn? The first thing that many of us might think is that it depends on the subject; that some things are just fun to learn, like arts for example, and other subjects such as math are boring and, therefore, kids don’t want to deal with them. But we think that it actually has to do with the learning method rather than the topic of the studies.

In its article exploring the ways to instill in kids the love of learning, Big Life Journal outlines several helpful tips for parents. Below, we share with you the Journal’s advice and some suggestions on how to use our products for implementing this advice.

Help children discover their passions and interests

Big Life Journal suggests talking to your children about their interests and exposing them to different experiences. Take them out to zoos, museums, theaters, and libraries; provide books and other materials on a variety of subjects.

With our products we also try to inspire kids to discover their interests. Our stories about Happy Eggs attempt to inspire children to find out what makes them happy. It can be an activity — such as photography, travel, or sport — or something more personal like friendship, kindness, or nature.

Providing hands-on experiences

Make learning an adventure, the Journal suggests. If your children are studying marine life, it is a good idea to take them to the aquarium, for example. If they are studying a certain artist or writer, take them to a museum to see that artists’ work or to a library to find more books by that writer.

Some of our toy collections are meant to support the topics that kids go over in kindergarten or in school by bringing the subject of the studies into their play. For example, Lucky Eggs features a collection of twelve Lucky animals action figures. If your kids are at the stage where they are learning basic animal species, they might be able to do it more effectively by collecting the Lucky animal figures. Measuring about 1 inch in size, these toys easily fit into kids’ pockets, so children can carry them around and even bring them to school or kindergarten as a reminder of what they have learned.

Make learning fun

Even the driest and the most calculated subjects can become fun with songs, games, and other creative activities. You can insert music, art, and creative writing into any academic subject. Using “brain breaks,” Big Life Journal suggests, helps to alleviate the monotony or difficulty of the subject.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of play in successful learning. “Let your child play,” states the article titled “Teach Your Kid to Love Learning” published by Education. com. In order for your child to enjoy it, learning must remain fun and enjoyable. The article further explains that the classes where students get to work on cool projects or go on a great adventure prove to be most effective. And kids who develop a sincere appreciation for learning are those whose parents encourage them to have fun.

Making learning fun is an important part of the goal and mission of Eggs Time. Many of our toys can be extremely useful in making difficult subjects more enjoyable for kids. Consider our cubic puzzle erasers included in King Eggs. They are fun and colorful, but they also have some great educational value. The erasers are in geometric shapes that make it fun for kids to learn basic geometry. Each eraser splits into several parts of different colors, thus creating even more shapes for kids to learn. These parts act as a puzzle, prompting kids to use their logic and problem-solving skills to re-build the original toy.

Discover your child’s learning style

The Journal explains that each child has his or her way to perceive information and gain knowledge. There are three main styles of learning: visual (learning through images, watching), auditory (learning through sound, listening), and kinesthetic (learning through hands-on experience and physical activities, touch). If you take time to find out what style of learning suits your child best, you will increase their chance of academic success greatly.

Eggs Time is aware of this fact, and therefore produces the Lucky Egg stories, where each animal character has his or her own learning style. In the very first story, where kids get acquainted with Lucky Island and its inhabitants, the animals introduce themselves along with the learning styles that work best for them.

Show this fun cartoon to your child and see if they agree with any of the characters on what is the best way to learn. We have twelve characters with their own distinct situations, so your child will have something to choose from. This exercise might give you a good understanding of your child’s learning style.

Have discussions

Do your best to answer your kids’ questions when they demonstrate curiosity, the Journal advises. You can also expand your conversation by asking open-ended questions such as “What would happen if…?”

What great advice! We love discussions and we love when kids ask questions. This is why we developed several toy collections for our MagiK eggs, which are meant to spark kids’ curiosity. We have MagiK Egg action figures, MagiK cars, MagiK fruits, and MagiK dinosaurs. All MagiK toys have unique and unusual shapes, colors, and features that leave kids wondering and inspired to ask questions. These toys are great for initiating fun discussions with your little ones.

Demonstrate your own passion

With this advice, Big Life Journal encourages parents to be good role models and actively explore their own interests and passions. Share your own learning experiences with your kids — your successes and your challenges — or explain how you apply your knowledge in life.

Many psychologists and educators agree that parents’ involvement is extremely important for kids’ proper intellectual, emotional, and mental development. What we can suggest is collaborative play. It’s an easy and effective way to set up an atmosphere for effortless and enjoyable communication with your child. You can try some simple things like playing hide and seek, tossing a ball back and forth, or role playing with stuffed toys, dolls, or action figures.

Many of our toys allow for awesome collaborative play. The slime toy collection in Emoji Eggs features toys made of a soft “mud” that you can mold into different shapes; the mud is reusable and returns to its original shape shortly after the kids are done playing with it. Use our mud to create some fun shapes with your child. This is the kind of activity where you both are completing the same task and can share your experiences with each other.

Support and encourage

Big Life Journal suggests that parents have reasonable expectations of their children. If your kids struggle or fail at a task, show support and help them learn from this experience. Pressuring children into getting perfect grades and being ideal students doesn’t help in developing their love for learning; it does the opposite.

You can easily practice supporting and encouraging your child through our video games. Our video games present kids with fun intellectual challenges. We have maze, puzzle, and “spot the differences” games. Let your child play some of these games and show your support as they try to complete the tasks the games set up for them. If your little ones fail or struggle, support and praise them for the hard work that they did. Encourage them to try one more time or shift the focus from “failure” to what they learned while attempting to complete this task.

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