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How kids benefit from listening to stories

Eggs Time’s main goal is to provide kids with opportunities for effortless and enjoyable learning, which is why all our products come with great educational and developmental features. Our stories are not an exception. We believe that listening to good stories is just as important for kids as playing with good toys. In this article we want to share with you just some of the amazing benefits and opportunities that your child receives by listening to stories.

Improving listening skills, memory, and attention span

When kids listen to captivating narratives, they train their attention and listening skills. This is probably the most obvious benefit of audio books and stories. All Eggs Time stories come with a high-quality voiceover narration that provides for effortless listening. Prompting a child to summarize the plot of the story after listening to it can be a good exercise for developing the child’s memory and understanding of language.

Learning virtues

When kids listen to stories, they tend to identify themselves with their favorite characters and therefore try to copy their behavior. When the story features noble characters that demonstrate exemplary behavior, it helps kids develop many virtues, including generosity, kindness, patience, consideration for others, etc. Eggs time stories, too, revolve around virtuous characters. If you are looking for ways to educate your child about the importance of noble character traits, consider showing him or her our King Egg story The Cookie Trouble ( and our Happy Egg story The Dry Thin Tree ( Both stories teach young listeners about the value of kindness, generosity, and respect for others.

Learning valuable lessons

Following the adventures of their characters, kids have an opportunity to observe how these characters handle conflicts and other difficult life situations. In this way, children learn lessons that help them wisely address challenges in their own lives.

When we produce our stories, we always make sure that each one of them teaches the young audience a valuable life lesson. The Happy Egg story Shadow in The Forest, for example, teaches kids that sometimes our fears make the problem seem bigger than it is and that conquering our fears helps us succeed in life. You can find this story on our website at or on Eggs Time YouTube channel at

Enhancing imagination

When kids listen to stories without looking at illustrations, this can help develop imagination and creativity. Listening to the story’s narrative, children create images in their heads and therefore develop their creative vision. If you want to train your child’s imagination, try letting him or her listen to our MagiK Egg stories without looking at the illustrations. After the stories are over, ask your kid to draw one of the events from the story. This will be a good exercise in bringing a creative idea to life. You can find MagiK Egg stories at or on our YouTube channel at

Enhancing verbal proficiency and creative writing skills

The more kids listen to books and stories, the higher the likelihood they will learn new vocabulary words and their proper usage. Listening to stories develops children’s sense of narrative structure and improves their understanding of language, which in turn can lead to the development of a passion for creative writing.

Inspiration to learn reading

As they hear professional narrators read interesting stories out loud, children learn that reading is fun and entertaining, which inspires them to learn how to read for themselves. Moreover, listening to these well-read stories provides a great example of fluent reading for kids to follow.

Improving communication skills

When kids listen to the stories together with friends and parents, it provides endless opportunities for discussions and creative play in which they try to re-enact the parts of the stories. By consistently listening to clear and fluent speech, children improve their own speech and language skills, which helps them become better communicators. Additionally, hearing interesting story plots prompts the young listeners to approach others (friends, parents, teachers, etc.) and ask questions out loud, which helps to build confidence.

As you can see, listening to stories is a must-have component of kids’ learning routine, which is why we approach the production of our stories with great responsibility.  Eggs time stories are free to watch and listen to, and they cover various topics including day-to-day life, nature, animals, fantasy, and the supernatural. To access the entire list of our stories and see which ones your kids like best, visit our website at or our YouTube channel at

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