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Eggs Time video games aid in kid’s development

In our previous article we discussed the numerous benefits of our surprise toys. But let’s not forget that we also offer video games that are packed with educational and developmental value. We currently offer four different video games: Eggs Time Mazes, Differences Time, Eggs Time Coloring Books, and Eggs Time Puzzles. You can play the games at no charge at our website or download the free apps via iTunes or Google Play.

The Eggs Time video games are high-quality digital products. They feature beautiful colorful imagery, good sound, and excellent programming. The games present young players with tasks that are challenging but, at the same time, fun and doable. Our video games are a great source of entertainment. But, as we mentioned earlier, this is not their only perk. Our games were designed to aid kids’ proper development and to strengthen their cognitive skills. So, let’s see how each of our games does just that.

Eggs Time Mazes

Develop: critical thinking, attention, logic and reasoning, focus, spatial reasoning, decision making

The maze game prompts the young player to lead the character out of the maze, from point A to Point B.  By figuring out the way to complete this task, a child learns to solve problems and troubleshoot. Because the maze offers several pathways at the same time, the child practices making reasoned decisions and choices as he or she plays. To lead the character out of the maze, the player naturally must stay focused and use logic, attention, and critical thinking.

Differences Time

Develops: logic and reasoning, patience, focus, attention to detail, ability to make comparisons, visual analysis, critical thinking

Differences Time prompts the player to spot the differences between two almost identical images. By playing this game, children learn to be attentive to detail and conduct proper visual analysis. To find the differences between two almost identical pictures, children have to be patient and use their logic, focus, and ability to compare and contrast.

Eggs Time Coloring Books

Develop: color recognition, creativity and abstract thinking, memory, connection between colors and objects, decision making

Coloring Books prompt the player to complete a digital coloring page. The game includes a digital color palette with many tones and shades of various colors. The player has to “dip” their digital brush into a color of their choice and click on the part of the image where they want to apply the color. Coloring is a great way to develop kids’ imagination and abstract thinking. Our digital palette includes not only different colors but also various shades of those colors, so the child can learn the distinct colors as well as their different shades.

In choosing what colors to use for characters’ legs, eyes, garments, etc., a player practices making decisions and building logical connections between objects and their colors. If you show your child an original picture of the character and then ask him or her to complete the coloring page and recreate the original character, this will be a good visual memory exercise.

Eggs Time Puzzles

Develop: memory, color and shape recognition, visual analysis, focus, patience, critical thinking, logic and reasoning, decision making

Our puzzles present the player with an image and then prompt him or her to re-create the picture by properly arranging the given pieces of it. Eggs Time puzzles are great for practicing memory, color and shape recognition, visual analysis, critical thinking, logic and reasoning, and decision making. To complete the puzzle, a child must remain calm and patient, and maintain proper focus and attention throughout.

Eggs Time video games are effective tools that parents can use to strengthen their kids’ cognitive skills. Many psychologists and educators agree that learning through fun play is one of the best ways to help kids develop properly and effortlessly.  If you want to take a closer look at our cool games, you can do that by clicking this link  Have a nice play!

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