In March of 2017, Sweets Choice created twelve fun and friendly boy and girl characters whose purpose is to help children develop virtues, become wiser and to explore the world around them. These characters carry the proud name of King Egg, and each of its members has a unique quality to pass on to kids.
Outgoing, fun-loving, and cheerful, Pretty will help children to improve their communication skills. She will show kids how to be more outspoken and confident.
Sweetie will show children how they can benefit from being kind and helpful to others. She wants to teach kids that if they are kind to those around them, people will be kind to them.
Snoopy is a good helper when it comes to keeping up with daily tasks and responsibilities. She will make sure that kids complete their chores and homework before they go to play. (Although a little serious, Snoopy is a fun girl to be around.)
Beauty will help kids develop leadership skills and become good team players, at the same time. She wants to teach kids that all group members are equally important, just like pieces of one puzzle.
Candy is a quick learner and she has many interests that include the arts, books, and sports, to mention just a few. She will show kids how to spend their free time productively.
Grumpy will teach kids the virtue of humbleness. Grumpy will help explain to children that bragging about their achievements is impolite and that pride is an obstacle to success.
Funny is eager to teach kids how to make new friends. He wants boys and girls to know that it’s okay to be different from others, that’s what makes them unique. Differences contribute to exciting and fulfilling friendships.
Dreamy will encourage kids to explore the world around them. He will tell them stories about foreign countries, unusual plants and animals, big historic events, and other fascinating things – Dreamy is a walking encyclopedia.
Cutie has a lot of energy and he knows how to put it into good use. He will encourage kids to be active in school and in their community by inspiring kids to join clubs, participate in extracurricular projects.
Pooky likes helping kids learn math and science. He gets sad when he sees someone find his favorite subjects boring. He will show children how math and science can be fun and useful in daily life.
Cricky will demonstrate to kids how to use their logic to find solutions to problems. He wants children to know that any difficult problem can be solved with some degree of thinking.
Goofy is a class clown that likes to joke around and make children laugh. However, he is also a smart and polite boy that will show kids how to be respectful and considerate at the same time. He is always careful to not hurt anyone’s feelings with his humor.
The King Eggs are constantly on the go. There are so many children who need their helpful tips! These little helpers like to hide in lunch boxes and backpacks. Whenever a child encounters a difficult situation, a King Egg can pop out from its box with valuable advice. This awesome bunch is excited to make new friends! They can’t wait until July 1st to introduce themselves to all the cool boys and girls out there.
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