The Magik Eggs Story

In April of this year, the Sweets Choice team became acquainted with a group of twelve peculiar, fascinating characters who call themselves the Magic Eggs. They live in the beautiful forest of Magic Wood. This is not a regular forest, however. It is a unique, mysterious place where everything is possible and everyone’s dreams come true. The twelve eggs shared with the Sweets Choice team that it has been their dream for a long time to be granted the opportunity to share their magic with children from around the world. Fortuitously, it seems like their dream is about to come true. In July, the Sweets Choice team will introduce the Magic Eggs to its young customers. Meanwhile, the happy and enthusiastic eggs have decided to help each other out and to split into groups of three to make the work process fun and easy. Each group will work together to teach kids the magic of dreaming and making dreams come true.

Megik Eggs
Summer, Sunshine, and Star will team up to show kids how to achieve their goals through team work, love, and kindness. These three eggs will teach children how they can become strong and successful by taking initiative, being outgoing, and showing respect and consideration to others.Megic Eggs
Megik Eggs
Winter, Moon, and Ocean will introduce to kids the art of self-expression and taking a creative approach to problem solving. These eggs believe that dreams come true for those who master patience and thorough, creative thinking.Megik Eggs
Megik Eggs
Spring, Rainbow, and Flower will come together to demonstrate to kids the power of faith: anything is possible, but only if you believe in it. These eggs want to see children explore the world with bravery and optimism.Megik Eggs
Megik Eggs
Autumn, Sky, and River will teach their new friends the importance of balance: dreaming, hard work, and fun play are equally essential in the right amount. These three buddies are very different: Autumn is strict and hardworking, Sky is shy and dreamy, and River is playful and joyous. While teaching kids valuable lessons, these three eggs will have to find a way to work together and to respect each other’s differences.Megik Eggs
The twelve eggs can’t wait to share the secrets of Magic Wood and to make many new friends with great kids. This awesome bunch has prepared numerous games, videos, stories, and contests for kids to enjoy. The eggs love children’s curiosity and laughter. Genuine smiles make magic work better – this is one of the secrets that the eggs have kindly shared with the Sweets Choice team. So, let’s not wait any longer and start the magic right now with a big, beautiful smile!
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