The Lucky Eggs Story

Once upon a time, the Sweets Choice team went on a cruise along the California coast. When the team was heading back, a little black dot on the surface of the water in the far distance caught their eye. Being curious and adventurous folks, the team decided to change course and headed toward the dot. As they approached closer and closer, they began to realize that the dot was actually a small piece of land. When they reached the shore, they saw a sign sticking out of the sand saying: “Welcome to Lucky Island.”
So, the team decided to drop anchor and explore. While exploring the island, the team became acquainted with its inhabitants – a group of smart and curious animals whose biggest passion is learning.

These amazing animals make awesome friends. They know a lot of fun facts and helpful learning tips that they can share with curious kids. Each animal has his or her own tactic for being a good student. They are all aware of their strengths and weaknesses and know how to use their character traits well.

Every day, Monday through Friday, fourteen buddies attend Ocean School, where the two teachers, Mr. Dolly, the dolphin, and Ms.Aqua, the fish, acquaint them with the under-water world. In the mornings, the students board an egg-shaped submarine and go deep into the ocean to study mysterious and unfamiliar ocean creatures. In the afternoons, they return to the island and complete their homework. When the animals are done with their daily assignments, they always have some free time for hobbies.
Dinosaur Dino is an expert in learning visually. Raccoon Kimba can teach kids how to stay be focused and how to pay close attention to details. Rabbit Bunny can give out some tips for those who are fast learners. Teddy, the bear, can give a good advice on how to learn by listening. Bird Tweety is a great speaker who can show kids how to use their words to learn.
Playful cat Kitty is a great help to those who get bored easily. She knows how to make the learning process fun and exciting. Zebra Zug can teach kids persistence and dedication. Oscar, the turtle, is a slow learner. He can teach kids how to be patient and how to plan out enough study time. The dog Poppy can show children the benefits of group studying. And Bella, the duck, can bring up the benefits of sometimes studying alone.
Horse Pony can teach kids how to balance time spent on hard work and relaxation. Titan, the tiger, can show kids how to be brave and go after challenging tasks. Panda Luna can be a great help for those who day dream a lot. And Chimp, the monkey, can be a helpful companion to those curious kiddies who have a million questions on their minds.
In August, the Sweets Choice team will introduce their new acquaintances to their customers. The animals are excited and curious about the new friends they are about to make. They have already made some space for the new students in their submarine classroom. Join this curious bunch in their fun and exciting explorations!
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