Once upon a time, the Sweets Choice team threw a Birthday party where they invited all of their friends. The party was great and everyone was having fun. But after the guests sang “Happy Birthday” and everybody had a piece of a chocolate cake, the chit-chatting and laughter started getting quieter and quieter. Gradually, the room fell silent. Sweets choice team and their guests sat around wishing for some fun and excitement.
“Hmm,” said one team member to another, “What can we do to make the party fun again?”
Suddenly, everyone’s attention got captured by a fascinating little egg-shaped creature that flew into the room through an open window. The creature flew several circles around the room giggling and observing the surprised faces of the team and the guests. Shortly, it landed on the table, right by the chocolate cake. At this moment, another five egg-shaped creatures jumped on the table from different directions and stood by the first one, waving at the amazed crowd.

The little buddies went on to explain that they are the Happy Eggs. They all have super powers that make them happy and help them create fun and happiness for others.

The very first egg, who flew through the window earlier, said that her name was Merry and that her super power is an ability to fly – flying makes her happy. Then, she introduced her friends: Hani, Victory, Joy, Geek and Captain.
Hani explained that she can talk to animals, trees and flowers and that it makes her happy.
Victory said that she has a super powerful sight. It makes her happy because she can look at the sky at night and see the stars up close.
Joy said that he can turn invisible. This ability makes him happy because he loves surprising his friends by appearing unexpectedly.
Geek explained that good memories make him happy... and math. His super powers, he explained, are the ability to remember everything and to do calculations very fast.
Captain said that it makes him happy when he can instantly move from one place to another. His unique power is an ability to run at an incredible speed.
The eggs explained that they came to entertain the birthday team and their guests and bring them fun and joy. Then, the eggs went on to demonstrate their incredible abilities through exciting games and shows, making everybody happy.
When the Birthday Party was over and all guests had left, Sweets Choice invited the Happy Eggs to become a part of their team so that the eggs could share their happiness with the little children. The eggs were happy to accept the offer. There is no limit to the happiness, they said. The more happiness they bring, the happier they become.
In October of 2017, team Sweets Choice will acquaint their young customers with these incredible, fun-loving eggs. So, mark your calendars and don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know these amazing Happy Eggs!
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