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Our adorable dino toys are beneficial for kid’s development

The MagiK Dino Toys collection features a unique series of ten collectible dinosaur figures. The Dino Toys are made of hard plastic and measure about 1 to 2 inches in size.  Just like the rest of our toys, MagiK Dinos are made with non-toxic, eco-friendly materials and are safe for your hands and for the environment.

Our Giant MagiK Eggs come with two MagiK Dino surprise toys inside. These awesome little dinosaurs are super fun and useful to play with.

Now, since we’ve briefly introduced you to these awesome dinosaurs, let’s examine how they can make your child’s play time useful and meaningful.


It’s very easy to learn colors, shapes, and counting with our MagiK Dinos. Each dinosaur figure has a distinct color, which a child can learn during play. The Dinos come in three shades of orange, two shades of green, red, blue, pink, purple, and white. Each also has black details.

These dinosaurs are also useful in learning shapes. Each one has distinct features like spikes, long necks, short necks, thick and thin parts, and soft and sharp details. While playing with these beautiful, eye-catching toys, children learn to identify the differences in the shapes of their features.

The MagiK Dino toys collection can be a good tool for learning to count as well. There are ten figures in this collection, so as they collect these toys children will learn counting from one to ten and basic addition and subtraction; they will have to keep track of how many Dinos they have collected and how many more they need.

Cognitive skills

MagiK Dinos are just perfect for practicing visual analysis, logic, and reasoning. Each dinosaur in this collection is very unusual: some have numerous spikes, some have beaks, some have wings, some walk on two legs, and some walk on four legs. As they play with these figures, children will learn to distinguish between the ordinary and out-of-the-ordinary by analyzing the combinations of the toys’ colors, shapes, and other features. This, in turn, will provoke them to ask questions. The ability to ask questions is a crucial skill for kids to develop in their early years; they will need it for social interactions and for being successful at school or kindergarten.

Imagination and creativity

We just can’t deny ourselves the pleasure of mentioning how adorable these Dinos are. Their main cutie assets are spikes, wings, pointy tails, and sweet little faces. They can easily become kids’ best friends and inspire them to role play. Role playing is crucial for kids’ development; it enhances creativity and imagination. While role playing with figures, kids create their own stories and narratives, act out with different characters, and speak for them, which is extremely beneficial for developing clear speech.

Additional benefits

It is also worth mentioning that, because of their relatively small size, these dinosaurs easily fit into kids’ little hands and pockets. They are a very convenient and transportable source of amusement for children; you can bring them on a trip to keep your child busy and entertained. Additionally, because our Giant MagiK Eggs come with two Dino Toys inside, your child can learn to share by giving one of them to his or her friend or a sibling.

Final thoughts…

Our Dino Toys are truly magical; they provide hours of enjoyable play and bring about numerous benefits for your kids’ development. Check out our Giant MagiK Eggs and take a closer look at the MagiK Dino Toys collection on page 22 of our digital catalogue at



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