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Magik Egg action figures and their numerous benefits for your kids

Our MagiK Egg action figures are quite a catch: they are cute and amusing, they help your kids learn, they develop imagination and creativity, and they help kids enhance their cognitive skills.

What are they?

The collection of MagiK Egg action figures features twelve plastic MagiK characters from our MagiK Egg animated stories. The stories depict the life and adventures of twelve MagiK Eggs, the peculiar creatures who live in the forest called the MagiK Wood, where anything is possible and all dreams come true. These magical creatures are dreamers and believers; they have dreams and goals and use magic and spells to achieve them. These stories and the characters in them are meant to inspire children to dream big and go for their dreams; the stories also teach kids valuable life lessons and promote virtues.

Their educational value

Each character has a distinct color, making it easy for kids to learn new colors. The variety of hues we used for these characters allows kids to learn the difference not only between the colors, but also between shades and tones. (It is important to note that we carefully chose the color tones for the figures to make them amusing to look at, but not irritating or overwhelming to the eye.)

Additionally, kids can learn the times of the year with our action figures because some of the MagiK characters are named after the seasons (Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring).

The figures are durable and are small enough to fit into a pocket, which means that kids can take them anywhere they go. If they learn to associate each action figure with a color or a season, they can use these toys as a tip while doing schoolwork or homework.

As an option, parents can use the figures in our MagiK Toys collection to practice counting with their kids. Children can also learn basic counting while collecting the toys.

Cognitive skills

Besides aiding in color recognition, MagiK Egg action figures are very helpful for developing kids’ cognitive skills such as logic, reasoning, visual processing, and, especially, memory. Each of the twelve characters has a unique name. In the practice of remembering each character’s name, kids can train their memory. Moreover, some characters’ names and colors logically match. For example, the character named Sky is colored in blue. Playing with Sky’s action figure, a child can easily make a logical connection: the sky is blue.

Here is a list of the characters and their colors:

Sky — baby blue                  Rainbow — orange, red                        Summer — dark green

Ocean — dark blue             Moon — peach                                       Spring — light green

Winter — pale blue             Sunshine — warm yellow                     Flower — pink

Star — teal                            Autumn — cold yellow, gold                River — pale purple

Imagination and speech

Our MagiK characters have a unique, peculiar look. While playing with these creatures, kids learn to think “outside the box”, ask questions, and take interest in things that are out of the ordinary. Action figures are also great for role playing, which is one of the best ways to entice kids’ creativity and imagination. When children play with MagiK action figures, they can re-create the stories they saw in our cartoons or even make up their own stories. Since the figures can’t speak, kids have to speak for them. This is a good opportunity for a child to improve his or her speech. If kids use MagiK figures to play with other kids or with parents, this is also a good opportunity for them to improve communication skills and become better at collaborating and building relationships.

So why MagiK action figures?

MagiK Egg action figures are fun, educational, and developmental – everything you need in a kid’s toy. They are cute and amusing to look at, they are a great practical tool for learning and building cognitive skills, and they inspire kids to be creative.

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