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Happy Egg animal erasers are beneficial for your child

The Eggs Time collection of Happy Egg puzzle erasers features an eight-piece set of collectible animal-shaped eraser toys. These erasers are comprised of individual parts that can be taken apart and reassembled like a puzzle or a constructor toy.

Made of soft and colorful rubber, the erasers are also safe for kids’ hands and the environment. Our erasers are produced with recyclable non-PVC material and are lead- and -phthalate free. These cute erasers are great for many purposes; they can be a useful addition to your child’s school supplies kit as well as a fun stuffing for party favors. But besides their obvious practical value, the Happy Egg animal erasers burst with educational, developmental, and even emotional benefits.

Educational benefits

Playing with our animal erasers helps children learn about animals and basic animal anatomy. The erasers measure three inches in size and come in shapes of a bear, puppy, fox, owl, monkey, cow, panda, and lion. These are especially useful to play with after getting acquainted with our twelve-piece Lucky Egg toy collection, in which each toy represents an animal. After learning the names of the animals, the time is just right to learn about the parts of the animals. By separating the animal erasers into pieces and then re-assembling them, kids learn what parts these animals are built of – head, body, stomach, etc. For example, the owl-shaped eraser separates into a head, body, stomach, eyes, and a beak, offering kids the opportunity to explore the composition of a bird.

Developmental Benefits

Puzzles and constructor toys are known for being some of the best types of STEM toys that develop cognitive skills and intelligence. Constructing and deconstructing the rubber animal, kids exercise their logic and reasoning, memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. To build an animal from the given parts, a child also needs to utilize their knowledge of animals’ anatomy, colors, and shapes.

Puzzles and constructor toys are also great tools for improving children’s fine motor skills. This means that by playing with our animal erasers, your child practices using his or her hands and fingers effectively. This in turn can, for example, improve their ability to hold pens or pencils properly for writing.

Emotional benefits

Besides contributing to kids’ education and development, the Happy Egg puzzle erasers have some other, hidden, benefits. According to USA Today, puzzles can improve mood, lower stress levels, and increase productivity. USA Today explains that puzzles increase the brain’s production of dopamine, which regulates mood and feelings of optimism. It is also linked to memory, concentration, and motivation. So, every time you successfully solve a puzzle, your brain releases dopamine, which makes you happier and more motivated. Therefore, playing with our animal eraser puzzles can actually help improve your child’s mood.

In conclusion…

Our animal eraser collection is designed with your child’s best interest at heart. It helps your kid to learn effortlessly, to develop properly, and to stay positive. The Happy Egg animal erasers are a practical and useful staple that kids can use for school and homework, and are simple and effective educational tools.

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