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Our puzzle erasers aid in your child’s development

The Smart Novelty Puzzle Erasers found in our King Eggs is a collection of pencil erasers that measure about 1 to 2.5 inches in size. This collection includes cubic erasers that represent different geometric shapes, as well as fidget spinner erasers. Each eraser splits into several pieces of different forms and colors. A child can take it apart and then put it back together.



Made with eco-friendly non-toxic materials, these erasers are safe for your child to play with. The toys are simple, fun, and have a practical value since they can be used as school supplies. But the main perk of this toy collection is that it educates and develops young players in many ways.

Cognitive skills

The Novelty Erasers are both puzzle and construction toys. Puzzles and construction toys have proven to be among the most effective STEM toys in developing kids’ cognitive skills. By breaking the colorful eraser into parts and reassembling it to its original shape, kids train their memory, logic, reasoning, focus, problem solving skills, and color and shape recognition.


Children can learn new colors and geometric shapes effortlessly while playing with Smart Novelty Erasers. Each eraser splits into several parts, creating even more geometric shapes for kids to learn. Each part has a distinctive color, too, so that your child can practice color recognition. Because children perceive these cubic erasers as toys, learning new colors and geometry doesn’t seem like a burden to them but rather a fun thing they choose to do.

Fine motor skills

These enjoyable puzzles and construction toys are great for practicing fine motor skills. This means that by assembling our eraser toys your child develops their ability to effectively use his or her hands and fingers; they need that ability to perform tasks like writing and brushing teeth, for example.

Attention span

Because kids love constructing things and taking them apart, our puzzle and construction erasers are effective tools for keeping them occupied for long periods of time. This allows children to grow more patient and develop the longer attention spans needed for staying on task and solving complex problems.

Stress relief

Besides educational and developmental value, our geometric and fidget spinner erasers bring about some additional benefits.

When you’re working on a puzzle, USA Today reports, your brain goes from wakeful to a more relaxed and dreamy state; this shift helps to relieve stress, improve mood, and increase self-confidence. Staying happy and stress-free increases your productivity many times over. If your child is struggling to stay on task, consider giving them a puzzle to work on so that they can reset their brain. And our series of Smart Novelty Puzzle Erasers is a great option to look into, because kids can easily take them to school and pick them up every time they need to take a “puzzle break.”

The role of fidget spinners in helping with stress and anxiety has lately been a popular topic in the media. According to, fidget spinners have therapeutic benefits. They help release nervous energy (which otherwise can be expressed in the form of biting nails, pacing, tapping, etc.), decrease anxiety, and give kids a sense of control. You can use our deconstructable spinner erasers as both spinner and puzzles, therefore doubling the stress-relieving qualities of this fun toy.

In the end…

With these many benefits, Eggs Time’s Smart Novelty Puzzle Erasers are great tools to fulfill your child’s educational, entertainment, and even relaxational needs all at the same time. Don’t hesitate to take a closer look at these multi-purpose surprise toys in our digital catalog available at

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