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Our Lucky Egg action figures are fun and beneficial for kids

Our Lucky Egg action figures are an all-in-one source for kids’ amusement, education, and development. We worked hard on creating this fun and multidimensional series of toys; now we want to share with you just some of the ways they can benefit your child.

What are they?

The collection of Lucky Egg character toys consists of twelve animal figures. Each one represents a character featured in Eggs Time’s animated stories about the Lucky Island. The stories narrate the adventures of the twelve Lucky animals who live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Every day, they board a submarine to go to the Ocean School, where their two teachers educate them about marine life. Along with the characters, the young viewers learn fun facts and valuable lessons.

With Lucky characters now available as toy surprises in our Lucky Eggs, kids can collect and play with their favorite animals and enjoy the endless educational and developmental benefits of these toys. Lucky Egg action figures are a great tool for learning, improving cognitive skills, practicing patience, and developing creativity.

They help kids learn

Each Lucky Egg character represents an animal. Therefore, playing with Lucky toys allows kids to learn different kinds of animals quickly and easily. When learning comes in the form of toys and play, it becomes fun and effortless.

Additionally, since the Lucky figurines are associated with characters in the stories, each action figure reminds children about the lessons they learned from our cartoons. The toys are small enough to fit into a pocket and are easy to carry around, so kids can take them to school or wherever they go. If your child has difficulty learning a certain lesson or virtue, it can be a great idea to select a character from a story that taught that lesson and give it to your kid to carry around as a reminder of what he or she needs to focus on learning.

They improve cognitive skills

Collecting and playing with Lucky Egg figures is a great way for your child to improve his or her cognitive skills, especially memory. Each of the twelve characters has a unique name. While watching Lucky Egg cartoons and playing with Lucky toys, children practice memorizing these names and, in such way, train their memory, which is crucial in cognition and proper development.

Here is a list of the characters and their names:

Zug – Zebra                   Oscar – Turtle                Luna – Panda                   Poppy – Dog

Kitty – Cat                      Dodger – Dino               Bella – Duck                     Titan – Tiger

Pony – Horse                 Kimba – Raccoon           Bunny – Rabbit               Ms. Aqua – Fish

Chimp – Monkey          Teddy – Bear                  Tweety – Bird                   Mr. Dolly – Dolphin


Challenge your child to memorize these animals and their characters’ names – it is an amusing game that enhances your child’s cognitive skills.

They help to grow patience

Lucky Egg action figures come in a series of twelve distinct toys. Setting a goal of collecting them all can be a good way to teach your kids how to work on one task for a long period of time and remain patient.

They inspire creativity

All Lucky toys in the series are distinct characters and have their own names. In playing with these toys, children can take on roles and mimic the adventures they saw in our cartoons, or even come up with their own stories. Role playing is one of the most effective ways to develop kids’ creativity and imagination, which they need not only for artistic purposes but also for solving complex and out-of-the-ordinary problems that they might face later in life.

To sum it up…

Lucky Eggs action figures, as you can see, are very multi-sided. They are cute and fun character toys that kids will have a blast playing with, but they are also a great tool for making learning and development both effective and enjoyable.

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