Welcome to Visit us at Sweets and Snacks Expo

May 22- May 24, 2018, Chicago, IL
Exhibit Hall-2044

Imex Leader, Inc. is manufacturer and distributor of Eggs Time Brands Team:
King Egg, MagiK Egg, Happy Egg, Lucky Egg.

Today all Eggs Time Team successfully selling in all USA states and coming soon to the international market.

Our Surprise Eggs are Delicious Enjoyable and have their strong Educational Toys&Games, which bring them to be part of many families and happiness for children life.

Yes, these are the Eggs Surprises: Happy Egg, Lucky Egg, King Egg, and MagiK Egg:
Natural and Healthy!
Delicious and Enjoyable!
Buy them! Sell them! Love them!
Happy Customers = Satisfied Distributors and Retailers

We would like to invite you to meet our wonderful Eggs Time team, in booth #2044

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